BT Annual Leave

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All employees in the UK. This covers paid annual leave entitlement. Unpaid and special additional leave are covered under "Special Leave".

Roles and responsibilities.
Annual leave is recorded locally. Leave entitlement and leave taken is authorised by your manager in accordance with local operational requirements and constraints. Leave at any specific time cannot be claimed as a right and cannot be taken without prior permission.

It is not always possible to allow the full holiday allowances in the summer holiday season (which is the 22 week period commencing with the first full week in May). In these circumstances, the proportion allowed in the summer leave period is 20 days. These restrictions may be lifted at local management discretion.

Annual leave must be taken in the leave year in which it falls. There is no statutory or contractual entitlement to carry-over unused leave from one year to the next but you can normally carry over up to 5 days at the discretion of your manager. Exceptionally your manager may allow you to carry-over more where for example it is as result of leave being refused or cancelled due to urgent unforeseen operational difficulties and it has not been possible to re-schedule it within the leave year. Managers are expected to take all reasonable steps to ensure that these circumstances do not arise.

Managers should consider buying out accrued annual leave only as a last resort, where allowing you to take it or carry it over would cause unacceptable disruption to service.

Process. Overview.
Leave entitlement is dependent on your grade and length of service. It is calculated for a period 1st April to 31st March each year.

Detail. Holiday entitlement for TM grades is as follows:


Length of Service Holidays Notes
On Entry 25 days   
5 years  26 days  Applicable only to people in serivce at 30 September 2000
8 years  27 days  Applicable only to people in serivce at 30 September 2000
10 years  28 days   
18 years  30 days   
22 years  32.5 days  Applicable only to people in annual leave group 2 at 30 September 2000
and people with pay and pension protection to a former annual leave group
2 grade at Newgrid implementation



BT Holidays no longer exist These have been incorporated into the new arrangements. Whilst on Annual Leave, pay is calculated on basic salary plus any London weighting, assigned Allowances or shift pay in force when the leave is taken. Where it is necessary to buy back unused annual leave this is calculated on basic salary including where appropriate London Weighting and Newgrid Pay and Pension Protection Supplement. If the annual leave allowance changes (eg for completing a specified length of service), the total leave allowed in the year is made up of proportionate amounts of the appropriate leave allowances, any fraction rounded up to the next whole day.

Day & hours equivalents.
People employed on part-time/job sharer contracts receive a proportion of the personal holidays detailed above according to their length of service and the number of hours they work. The holidays should be converted and recorded in hours, as follows:-

Personal Holidays = Full-time equivalent holidays in hours x weekly part-time hours / weekly full-time hours.
If the pattern of taking holidays results in too small an amount of hours left to take the half day of holiday at year end the following options will be made available:-

  • the time will be rounded up to enable a half day to be taken, without bringing forward any holiday allowance from the following year,
  • the time to be rounded up and carried forward to the following year.

Forms / standard letters.
Leave Record Cards are available from Gatekeeper.


Q. How is leave entitlement calculated if I join part way through the year?
A. This is done on a pro rata basis rounded to the nearest half day. For example, if you join on 1st August, this is 4 months into the holiday year and therefore you are entitled to 8/12ths (i.e. 2/3rds) of your normal annual entitlement for that year. If you are on sick leave at sick pay rates or you have taken more than 4 weeks special leave your holiday entitlement will be reduced on a pro rata basis.

Q. How is leave calculated for someone leaving the company part way through the year?
A . Leave entitlement is calculated on a pro rata basis as above. All outstanding leave should be taken during the notice period, and can be used to bring forward or delay the last day of service. If outstanding leave cannot be taken due to operational reasons, it may be paid for. Leave taken over and above the pro rata entitlement has to be refunded. (For specific reasons relating to end of service with the company such as Death in Service and Dismissal exceptions may be made).

Q. Can I save up leave from one year and carry it over to the next eg. for a special holiday?
A. This is possible with the prior agreement of your manager. You should discuss it fully with him/her before making any definite plans.

MSWL members are reminded and encouraged to always try and book the annual leave they desire, even if you know your request will not be granted. You need your refusal codes, that way we can prove you have tried to take your annual leave in accordance with BT policy. Refusal codes are a handy tool.