Mental Health

Far too often we meet members who are quite visibly showing signs of stress, anxiety and/or depression. They quite often, show unusual characteristics, and this can lead to poor judgment ultimately landing them is a situation that can result in a discipline hearing.

Although BT have many policies, guidance and documents on the subject, and all managers are supposed to be trained to spot the signs; these can go unmissed by those around you who do not either notice or wish not to deal with it. Anyone who is feeling the slightest bit down, anxious, having panic attacks etc, can follow the following tips:-

  • Ring the branch
  • Tell you manager
  • Take the online stream test
  • Visit your GP
  • Ring the BT helpline on 0800 9176767
  • Ring the CWU harassment helpline 0800 107 1909 or email cwudignityandrespect@first

We would ask all our members to try and speak out if they are suffering, we would also ask our members to speak out if you suspect someone is suffering and struggling. Too many times we see cases come back to us, stating the company were ‘unaware’. Tell someone and then allow some time for them to act, employers may cause stress, but it is not always enough to act on, but neglecting to deal with it is a completely different thing.

We need to keep an eye on each other, to look after your colleagues and to keep them out of a possible discipline situation.

To access the system, type stream in to the search engine on the BT intranet, take the test.