CWU Accidents/Incidents in work

Members who have an accident at work are invited to report their accident or incident, direct to the branch office, 01744 733790, however BT do supply us with copies of any reports that they have received from members within our area.

All accidents/incidents (even if you think it’s a ‘near miss’), during work or on a BT site must be reported to the BT incident helpline. You must aim to ring the helpline within 24hrs of your accident, unless circumstances forbid this from happening: BT incident line 0800 671 345.

Members, and their dependants, who have been injured as a result of an accident out side of work, may also be able to make a claim for compensation through the CWU Legal Services Department 0800 804 6674 or ring the branch and we can send you the correct form to begin the process.

It has come to our attention that many RTA’s at work are reported to the insurers of BT vehicles on 0800 731 7341 , but are not reported to the Accident and Incident Reporting Group who monitor accidents at work and inform us of accidents involving our members. Members are reminded that RTA’s should be reported to both groups.
A reminder of the accident reporting number : - 0800 671 345.

The CWU has a National Accident Reporting telephone line 0800 804 6674. Members who have accidents can give details of their claim direct to the line in the same way as they would with many of the other accident lines advertised on TV, this is an alternative to contacting the local branch office and is intended to make it easier for you to log details of your claim.
The Union Legal Services are free and members will not incur any costs at all relating to their claim.

We would also like to remind members that if they sustain an injury, whilst at work, they should report this to the department of work and pensions; you should ask for a BL100A form. It is only this department that can legally decide if this is an industrial accident.
There are two reasons we encourage this a) should you take any sick leave we can challenge that it be negated due to the injury being sustained whilst in work. And b) should you suffer with this injury later in life and make a disability claim etc you will have documented proof of when and how the injury was sustained.