Health & Safety before & after your start time

We have raised some safety issues with our people at CWU HQ, that we thought may be useful regarding when you are and are not insured: for clarity this is their response:-
Just checked with legal dept.

Individuals, are insured whenever on BT premises. This has to be in place to cover members of the public.
However with ref to if you are insured as an employee outside your scheduled hours/including overtime.For the purposes industrial accidents claim, you are only covered if the accident happens during you scheduled/overtime hours.
This comes up mostly as an issue with our members in Openreach who drive a BT vehicle and give the company time before start of day and end of day due to the parking at home agreement. (Un agreed with CWU agreement).

The actual document itself outlines the process for such an eventuality. Whether someone is cover for and industrial injury is looked at on an individual basis. Point 2 you ask about ie. Unlocking the gate:-. Years ago when all buildings were permanently occupied, they used to have an individual whose job it was to unlock the gates. That individual was paid overtime. Probably find any documentation for that in the old EI's. Kept mainly in the old branch secretaries handbook. Normally kept in large brown leather folders.

Nowadays the first person on site of an exchange building would just open the gates to enter in works time. However if you are asking in respect of someone who parks there, and is entering prior to their start time, and they have an accident, then the same would apply as before. Each case would be assessed on an individual basis.
They would automatically be insured for any injury as previously mentioned they are on BT premises and always covered, it’s the industrial injury bit that causes the problem. Because this could involve loss of compensation for long term injuries.