CWU Start & End of Day

From Ian Cuthbert CWU Date: 13 October 2009:- Ltb 896/2009 “

………….One such is the vexed question of when someone actually starts work. It is relatively clear for Home Parkers but in recent weeks the issue of whether Yard Parkers commence work by logging on PRIOR to their official start time has arisen.

The CWU has consistently taken the line that there is no obligation for people to do any work prior to their start time. Some managers have claimed the opposite.

The issue has been pursued with Openreach nationally and has been resolved. I attach, for your information, a copy of a briefing which is being sent to all managers headed ‘Re-enforcing Code of Practice and the Correct Behaviours’.

In the section headed ‘Day 1’, I draw your attention to the fourth paragraph. This reinforces the fact that team members commence log-in at their start time. At the start of the day, Yard Parkers need time to log-on and undertake daily vehicle checks as well as pick up stores/equipment as necessary.

Hopefully this will clarify the matter.

One of the specific questions asked is around yard parkers who take more than 15 minutes at the start of the day before they move. There is not a defined time for yard parkers to move from the yard. At the start of day, yard parkers need time to log on and undertake their daily vehicle checks as well as pick up any stores/equipment if necessary. However, team members will commence log-in at their start time, but reasonable consideration should be given to occasional late sign-ons of a few minutes duration, to allow for system difficulties, etc.

The time to do this will vary dependant on local conditions and access, which is why there is not a defined time. The First Customer Commitment in Jeopardy alert for BT site parkers needs to have a time dwell, after the scheduled start time, to operate and allow for the above activities. This is currently set at 20 minutes. This means that an alert will be generated if the vehicle has not moved after 20 minutes from the scheduled start time. With the focus on trended information and the impact on overall productivity, if there are occasions when an engineer doesn’t leave the yard within 20mins and it’s not a regular occurrence, the engineer should understand the impact on their effective results as a whole and managers should not focus on a few minutes ineffective time at start of day in isolation. The time taken before a Yard Parker moves at the start of day has caused some confusion, future training material will be updated to provide this clarity.

MSWL Advice

It is the understanding of the officers of MSWL, that office workers should also be in the act of signing on at their start times, they are not required to be ‘signed on’ likewise at the end of the day you are not required to work over your finish time, to sign off.