Asking for 1-1 to be recorded

All BT employees

Do you know you can ask for your 1:1, or any meeting you have with your manager, to be recorded.
Via the "meet me system"

This is a function whereby your manager rings into a service which makes an audio recording of the meeting. You get a copy emailed to you and so does your manager.

It is an exact account for you, of what is discussed and said, at your meeting.

No longer can anyone deny that they poorly briefed a coaching plan!!!

There is a reason why this as agreed: quite sad. But it is also to protect you and he manager, should accusations fly about bullying from either party.

Please consider asking for this when you have your 1:1 or similar. The choice is yours though, you may not feel you wish to. We merely wish to point out the fact that you have the right to request it.

Any problems or if you need more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Angela Teeling
CWU Merseyside & SW Lancs
Branch Secretary
07889 727220