We recently received the following letter from a member, as I started to gather the information to answer the points raised, it became apparent to me that we should try and convey all the information to as many people as possible. This then prodded me to look at other issues which tend to be problematic across the board and which affect all our members, one way or another, who work for BT. The result being this collection of CWU advice, copies of agreements and even BT policy.

The issues raised and covered, within this document, cover all aspects of our BT membership it is not meant to reflect solely upon one single line of business, as this is not the case; sadly members within all lines of business within BT have raised these issues during the last 12 months, although the letter clearly refers to Openreach, this response covers all lines of business.

If anyone is feeling that they are under too much pressure or are struggling to cope in any way, then please ring us or call the employee assistance number on 0800 9176767.

This is meant to be read as and when, should the need arise. We hope this is at least interesting if not helpful. Many thanks Angela Teeling Branch Secretary

Hi Angela,

Would it be possible to send out a note to all CWU members with the following two points?

1. Lunch hours are mandatory in the working day and should be spent having a lunch break. Working through lunch to get a clear, writing down your next job or looking at work emails is work: work which you don't get paid for. If you were unfortunate to have an accident, I am certain Openreach could blame your "working lunch," as a reason for your accident and then proceed down the disciplinary route....

2. People should only be touching electronic work devices to sign on at 08:00 and not before. Again it's free labour you’re giving this multi million pound profit making company.

I recently got told of a fellow colleague, who is a 08:00 starter sending their first job back at 07:57.what is that all about
These behaviours can only be due to the way Openreach has treated its workers. People are afraid of low performance and it's possible consequence....i.e. compromised agreements, pips dabs, whatever. Why else Angela would engineers, as mentioned above, behave like this. The amount of people I see running round daily is frightening, and what they do not realise is, that they are helping to make it worse for themselves and others.

Openreach management deserve full credit for what they have achieved and must be laughing as they have people jumping through hoops. Please send out this information and stop the rot Thanks

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